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INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY Last updated: December 20 2016 11:38:35

Information on MHL's inclement weather policy.


MHL Inclement Weather Policy

In instances when the jurisdiction of the Mississauga Hockey League is subjected to severe weather that requires consideration of the cancellation of the MHL League games the following notification procedure will be followed:

1.  Any Decision relating to the cancellation of games will be made by 3pm on a weeknight, 10:00 am Saturday or 3:00 pm Sunday.

2.  If a decision is made to cancel games, the MHL will forward notification through the following means: 

Notification of Area Association Presidents

Posting on the MHL website

3.  On weekdays, any cancellation of games will be posted on the MHL website the moment the decision to cancel games is made.

4.  Parents and team officials are requested NOT to call the MHL office or City Facilities about the potential cancellation of games.  The official notification system is via the MHL website and email.

In the absence of a cancellation notice being posted on the MHL website by 3:00pm on weekdays or 2 hours before the scheduled game on weekends parents, players and teams should assume that the League games will be played as scheduled.

Most importantly, the MHL encourages parents to leave enough travel time to arrive safely and drive according to the weather conditions.

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