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All player registrations will take place on-line and will require you to:

  • Have an account on the new Hockey Canada Registration System. For help check out our guides here:

    HCR3.0 Account Setup Guides

  • Provide your current email address. It is the primary method of communication between the Association and you.
  • Have a birth certificate number, passport number, or citizenship number (new players only).
  • New players to the Mississauga Hockey League will also be required to upload a copy of their birth certificate and proof of address to the HCR system.
  • One parent must complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program if not already certified.

NOTE: Registration for U21 programming is being handled directly with the MHL. Details to follow.

Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so hurry to secure your spot with Applewood Hockey Association!

Registration includes all Association and MHL fees, team socks, jersey with player's name, team and individual photo, season end award and banquet.
After holding our fees last season Applewood has had to increase fees for the 2023-24 season due to higher ice and other operating costs.
The HL season runs for 18 weeks plus the Championship weekend, the 'A' and Gold season runs for 20 weeks and is now aligned in terms of total games played with the GTHL.

House League Division
Year of Birth Total Fee
U7 (TimBits Under 7 - Learn to Play) 2017-2019 $360 Includes 1 game & 1 practice per week
U8 (Under 8) - U9 (Under 9) 2016-2015 $675 Includes 1 game & 1 practice per week
U10 (Under 10) - U11 (Under 11) 2014-2013 $750 Includes 1 game & 1 practice per week
U12 (Under 12) - U16 (Under 16) 2012-2008 $800 Includes 1 game & 1 practice per week
U17 (Under 17) - U18 (Under 18) 2007-2006 $550 Includes 1 game per week - no practice ice


Enhanced Red Division Year of Birth Total Fee
U12 (Under 12) - U16 (Under 16) 2012-2008 $1000 Includes 1.5 games & 1 practice per week


'A' and Gold Division Year of Birth Total Fee
U8 (Under 8) - U18 (Under 18)
(Excluding U10A/U11A)
2016-2006 $1550 Includes 2 games & 1 practice per week plus two sets of uniforms
U10 (Under 10) - U11 (Under 11)
(Playing in the GTHL)
2014-2013 $900 Assoc + $895 GTHL The GTHL fee will be co-ordinated by the Coach once the teams are set.

Families with more than one player registering at Applewood will automatically receive a sibling discount when registering online as follows:

  • 1st player:    No discount
  • 2nd player:   $25 discount
  • 3rd player:    $50 discount
  • 4th player:    $75 discount
  • 5th player:    100% discount, but please contact the registrar

You must register all siblings at the same time in order to qualify for the discount.

There are a number of ways Applewood supports goalies:

  • For House League divisions up to U10 Applewood provides goalie equipment to players as they rotate through the playing positions.
  • For HL divisions U11 and up, Applewood has loaner goalie equipment available to use during the season, (a small deposit is required).
  • Applewood runs dedicated Goalie Clinics throughout the season using a qualified coach to build specific goalie skills. That is in addition to the weekly Power Skating sessions during the season. Both of these programs will be at NO COST for goalies!

Applewood offers a payment plan when paying by credit card. Payments can be spread over up to four staggered payments, 25% on initial registration followed by:

  • For players registering on teams with May Tryouts - equal payments on June 15th, July 15th and Aug 15th.
  • For U8/U9 Gold players and all remaining House Leaague players - equal payments on July 15th, Aug 15th and Sept 15th.

Players not residing within the City of Mississauga are charged an additional $65 fee to cover the City subsidised arena facilities.


  • Payment is accepted by credit card ONLY.


The Mississauga Hockey League and its six member Associations, in partnership with our corporate partners, are proud to offer the Play-More Program, a program that assists players unable to participate in hockey due to severe financial constraints.  The Program addresses the cost of playing hockey and enhancing player experiences.

Please visit the Play-More website for further details.




Respect in Sports

The Respect in Sport Program is an accessible, online resource for the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD). The program’s mission is to empower participants to recognize signs of BAHD and eliminate it from the game, through a global culture of respect. It was introduced in 2016 by the Ontario Hockey Federation together with Alliance Hockey, GTHL, NOHA and OMHA, and is used by all minor hockey partners across Ontario.

Completion of the Respect in Sport Parent Program is MANDATORY for one parent. If you completed this in prior years, there is no requirement to re-certify.

There is a $12 fee payable to Respect In Sport and the Program should take about 1.5 hours to complete.

For more details visit

To register and start the online course, visit


Division Age on Dec31, 2023 Year of Birth
TimBits U7 (Under 7) 6 or under 2017-2019
U8 (Under 8) 7 2016
U9 (Under 9) 8 2015
U10 (Under 10) 9 2014
U11 (Under 11) 10 2013
U12 (Under 12) 11 2012
U13 (Under 13) 12 2011
U14 (Under 14) 13 2010
U15 (Under 15) 14 2009
U16 (Under 16) 15 2008
U17 (Under 17) 16 2007
U18 (Under 18) 17 2006
U21 (Under 21) 18-20 2003-2005

The House League evaluation process helps determine skill level and place players in the appropriate level. Coaches will contact parents within 2 weeks of the House League evaluations to discuss team placement.

Evaluations for House League take place in October. Applewood runs free pre-evaluation skates in September to help players prepare. Details will be published in August.

Tryouts for A and the new Enhanced Red level are held annually in May.

U8 and U9 Gold Tryouts are held at the end of September. The schedule will be published in August.

Further details regarding Applewood Hockey's TimBits program can be found here.

Tax receipts may be accessed from your Hockey Canada Account. You can reach the registration system by clicking here


When your registration is complete, a place has been held for you. Should you wish to cancel your registration, a Refund Request must be emailed to the Registrar with details listing the reason(s) for withdrawal from the program. In all cases a $50 administration fee will be charged to process a refund.

House League(Blue-White) including U7 Refund Policy

  • Registration Fees will be refunded as follows:
    • Request emailed up to Sept 1st – Deposit fully refunded.
    • Request emailed Sept 1st until the start of the season – 75% Refund.
    • Request emailed after the start of the season – No Refund.
  • Refunds will be processed within 2 weeks from time of acknowledgement that your request has been received by the Registrar.
  • No refund will be issued where a false statement is made during the registration process or through abuse of the registration system.

A, Gold & Enhanced Red Refund Policy

  • Registration Fees will be refunded as follows:
    • Request emailed prior to the start of the season – Up to 75% Refund, providing a replacement player can be rostered to the team.
    • Request emailed after the start of the season – No Refund.
  • You will remain responsible for your share of costs incurred as per the team’s approved budget until such time a replacement player is “rostered” to the team. At that time, you will receive a refund equivalent to your prorated share of the remaining unspent budget from that date to the end of the season.
  • No refund will be issued where a false statement is made during the registration process or through abuse of the registration system.

Note: The start of the season is the date the respective division games commence.